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Our classes feature full body athletic high intensity interval training (HIIT) mixed with targeted strength work. The HIIT part takes care of your cardio conditioning, fat burning, fitness building and endurance, with the added feel good factor of this style of training. The strength part shapes, tones and builds lean muscle in all the right places, sculpting and chiselling your body to look and feel amazing.

At GymClass we look after your total body conditioning needs meaning you don’t have to think about your training ever again. No matter what your age or ability we cater for everyone in our classes.

GymClass aims to get you in the best shape of your life through our highly motivational teaching, mixed with our unique continually evolving concept. There will be no plateau in results as no two workouts are the same, keeping the mind and body guessing. We will push you to your limits yet guarantee you will walk out of every class with a smile on your face.

Ass and Abs

Combining HIIT and strength moves, our unique A&A concept will chisel your abs and sculpt your ass all in one class!

Guns n’ Glutes

A hardcore workout designed to get the week off to a great start. Combining full body HIIT and strength moves targeting your guns and glutes.

Upper n’ Abs

A dynamic HIIT and strength based class focusing on toning that upper body and chiselling those abs.


Wednesday’s are all about the core with this full body HIIT and strength class focusing on building that core.


The day everybody loves – leg day! Full body HIIT and strength class with special focus on working those legs and glutes.

Signature Full Body

Experience our epic high intensity training fused with our renowned strength protocols – a full body workout like no other.


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